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Module 1 Patch 3

Release Notes 2006-04-19


  • Quest items should no longer get deleted when players go linkdead.
  • Players will no longer be able to enter a completed quest for additional experience reward without retaking the quest. Note: Two quests only were broken in this manner. This change only fixes those two broken quests, not our game mechanic as a whole.
  • Fixed several stuck points throughout the world.
  • Fixed the problem where sometimes scrolling your mousewheel would not zoom your camera in and out.


  • The drop rate of all lower level mini-bosses’ named items has been reduced.
  • The +1 Returning Byeshk Shuriken now stacks correctly.
  • Plate Armor of the Deep has had its extraneous charges removed.
  • The Serpentbranch Longbow, Snowstar Shuriken, Ratcatcher Crossbow, Guidance *Crossbow, and Swift Demise Crossbow are all now working correctly.
  • All items that cast summon monster now share the same cooldown timers as the summon monster spells themselves. Characters are limited to having one summoned creature at a time.
  • The max charges of future rewards of Misery Web trinket reward item have only 1 charge. The durability and hardness of the item have been reduced.


  • Lair of Summoning has been altered to have more variety, both in monster type and trap type.

Prison of the Mind

  • It should be much harder for Monsters to fall over the edge.
  • In the "cut scene" with Mistress Orphne and the giant, Mistress Orphne's shadow should now path correctly and not collide with players.
  • The shadowy figure of Marek Malcanus that appears behind Mistress Orphne with the rest of the Laughing Knives should no longer have a quest chalice above his head if you are on the Vault of Night quest series.
  • A bug that prevented Orphne’s Shadow from being completed has been fixed.
  • Recalling from the Prison of the Mind will now take you to the correct recall point.

Southern Threnal Ruins

  • Fixed some broken monster pathing in the Ruins of Threnal.
  • Graverobber Quest: the rewards have been adjusted to meet the difficulty level of this quest. We have also lowered the required number of zombie kills slightly.
  • Made some landscape changes to Stormcleave Outpost to help alleviate a problem with the final boss fight.

Redfang’s Nesting Grounds

  • Fixed some broken monster pathing.
  • Fixed the stinger that was spawning inside a wall.

Tharashk Arena

  • The entrance to Tharashk Arena has been redecorated to match its surroundings better.
  • Fixed some pathing issues.

Vault of the Restless

  • The infinitely respawning skeleton has been fixed.

Temple of Vol

  • Fixed a bug where players received the wrong alert text when approaching the dungeon boss in the Temple of Vol.

Jungles of Khyber

  • Fixed a broken trap in the Jungles of Khyber

Gwylan’s Stand

  • Fixed a broken trap and a broken door in Gwylan’s Stand

Arzag-Khor Sewers

  • Fixed a broken door in Arzag-Khor Sewers as well as some broken monster pathing.

Xorian Cipher

  • Fixed some broken monster pathing in Xorian Cipher.


  • Incorporeal monsters, giants, dragons, fire elementals are immune to web spell.
  • Certain boss monsters (dragon, vampire) will now be immune to ability draining.
  • Shades in the Chamber of Insanity deal more damage and have more hit points, and have a higher CR noted.
  • Incorporeal creatures (such as Wraiths) are no longer solid.
  • Vampires, Spectres, and Wraiths should no longer have a chance of disappearing forever in the middle of combat.
  • Muck has taken such a beating lately that he has become more reclusive. He will no longer spawn every time you visit the Den of the Kobold Brothers.
  • Spite is now tougher and does more damage.


  • Many dungeon-based NPCs will now only converse with one player at a time. This will alleviate a number of quest NPCs who might toggle a door or item twice in succession due to multiple conversations taking place simultaneously (for example, Gate Warden Ironclaw in Stormcleave Outpost.)
  • Karnat Thaar (Arzag-Khor Sewer) now properly displays his quest chalice.
  • Gatekeeper Chulkash (Xorian Cipher) now properly displays his quest chalice.
  • Shen Kulle (Prison of the Mind) now saves his final dialogue for when you have actually completed the quest.
  • Grogan (Tharashk Arena) will no longer talk to you after he is dead.

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