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Update 0 Patch 2 Official

DDO Release Notes: Launch Patch 2

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted Thursday, October 1st 2009.

Of Special Note:

  • Level 20 warforged monks can now be the target of repair spells.

UI Improvements

  • Micah d'Jorasco and Siendra d'Jorasco's quest chalices now correctly indicate that they give quests inside the premium Delera's Tomb Adventure Pack.
  • The default minimum/maximum levels for creating a party using the social panel have been changed. The first time the create-a-party panel is opened up (per session), the default level range will be -2 levels for the min level, and +2 levels for the max (capping at 1 and 20, respectively).
  • Mouselook Mode
    • When you temporarily suspend mouselook by holding down a steer button, your cursor will warp to the center of the screen. This will allow you to click interact/steer buttons and select things beneath the reticle. The mouse will NOT be warped upon exiting mouselook or using dialogs (yay!).
    • You can now enable/disable the “cursor activation in mouselook” feature in the UI options of the menu panel. We recommend users who enjoy mouselook mode playing with the Classic keymapping option set the cursor activation feature to disabled.
  • To better assist new players with understanding leveling and ranks, all players should now see their level and rank displayed in the standard "Level X (Rank Y) - current XP / next level XP".
  • Quest complete chalices will now have the check mark symbol on them appear in green to make them more noticeable. These chalices will once again appear properly for players who are still downloading parts of the game with TDM.


  • Modifications have been made to combat attack sequences. Attacks should be significantly faster than before with a much smaller increase in attack speed as your BAB increases.
    • All BAB-based speed increases have been moved to +1, +5, +10, +15, and +20 BAB.
    • Greater Two Weapon Fighting now grants only an extra off-hand attack on the first attack animation instead of the first and fourth. This affects both unarmed monks and two weapon fighting characters.
    • Since the base attack speed of players was significantly increased, Haste and Reconstruction effects were lowered to compensate. Haste and Reconstruction have been changed to grant a 15% increase to attack speed instead of 25%. However, Hasted attack speed should be equivalent to pre-Patch 1 Haste attack speed at high levels. No other attack speed modification abilities have been changed.
  • Combat logs should no longer be affected by the profanity filter.

Quests & Adventure Areas

  • Low level monks may find dungeon scaling a little more forgiving.


  • The following wands now have higher caster levels (and thus have had their damage increased):
    • Eternal Wand of Finger of Fire
    • Eternal Wand of Spark of Light
    • Eternal Wand of Acid

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