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Module 8 Patch 1 Official

DDO Release Notes: Module 8.0 Patch 1

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted Tuesday, November 11th 2008

Of Special Note:

  • The Djinni of the cake has gotten his eyes checked. He now recognizes you as the master of the cake, and will grant your wishes rather than making you dance for his amusement.
  • Vendors can now tell the difference between ordinary gems and special essences and gems needed for quests. They will no longer auto-purchase these items when you use the "Sell Gems" button.
  • Characters created prior to Module 8 will no longer lose their old starting equipment when first logging in. Unfortunately, the Quickfoot Thieves have already traded away any starter equipment that went missing prior to this patch. We recommend that anyone with characters created prior to Module 8, who lost starter equipment before the patch, start anew with a character on Korthos Isle to acquire new starter equipment.
  • Wearing multiple green steel items? Dead? Can't seem to stay alive? There is now a short delay before the Taint of Shavarath is applied, so be prepared to take one of the items off so you can live again, Taint free.


Hireling News

  • Hirelings previews will be held this Wednesday November 12th, 2008. For more information, click here.
    • Hireling vendors will be available in the game during the Wednesday preview in the following locations:
      • The Harbor
      • The Marketplace
      • Gianthold
      • Meridia

General Hireling Changes

  • Caster Hirelings have re-evaluated their contracts and realized that if they have offensive spells, casting those spells is also a part of their contract.
  • Hireling name text now matches the color of other party members.
  • Key mappings will now show up in the hireling toolbar.
  • Summoned hireling paladins produce the expected aura.
  • The sixth entry in the hireling toolbar is now always the 'Use' icon.
  • Hirelings were a bit jealous, and have been given a pep talk to increase their self esteem.
    • They will stop looking suspiciously at your summoned pets.
    • They will no longer damage summoned or charmed monsters when using AoE spells.

UI Improvements

  • The 'Recall' button will no longer appear when the quest UI is in 'ghost' mode.


General Path Changes

  • When leveling up on a pre-generated path character the total Skills will be calculated correctly. This was only a display issue.
  • Drow Rogue Thief Acrobat's will now be able to advance properly when using a pre-generated path.
  • When reaching level 15, pre-generated path Warforged Virtuoso Bards no longer have to pick their own feat.

Skills, Feats, & Abilities

General Ability Changes

  • Dragonmarks of healing work against undead once again.


General Spell Changes

  • Death Pact's constitution penalty will now go away when you hang around a tavern for a while.


General Changes

  • The following enhancements are now working correctly:
    • Paladin Redemption I
    • Paladin Redemption II
    • Elven - Undying Call
    • Monk Finishers
      • Rise of the Phoenix
      • The Receptive Earth
      • Difficulty at the Beginning
      • Restoring the Balance


General Changes

  • Dragontouched leather armor now has all the proper textures.
  • The set bonus for the troubleshooter's necklace/google has been corrected to offer +1 resistance, +3 to disable, and +3 to open locks.


General Quest Changes

  • The Grotto
    • Racing ahead to find the secret door will no longer confuse Jeets.
  • Korthos Village
  • Your bind point will no longer be set to Korthos Village after completing Misery's Peak if you are bound elsewhere.
  • Player's who for some reason disconnect or die and find themselves in the Wavercrest Tavern will exit into Sunny Korthos and be able to make their way back to Stormreach.
  • Favor is now recording properly
  • The sonic traps will now properly be disabled by the removal of the wildman miner.
  • Is now appearing on the favor list
  • The dragon encounter has been adjusted to better match the appropriate quest difficulty selected.
  • You and your friends can now take in the views of the Siber Atoll together. Siber Atoll allows more than player per instance.
  • Siber Atoll now has ambient sound.
  • Sister Theris, in Siber Atoll, now really binds your soul to Siber Atoll
  • Kobolds have been dispatched to patch up a few holes in the Reaver's Refuge.
  • The Stormreaver no longer sits so stoically, and is now a bit more animated instead.
  • The dragon should be more willing to talk to players after all the giants in the room have been killed. Remember that you must kill all giants in the room, not just red named, before the dragon is willing to speak with you.
  • Sacrifices
  • Slavers of the Shrieking Mines
  • Stealer of Souls
  • Prey on the Hunter
  • Siber Atoll
  • Reaver's Refuge
  • Prey on the Hunter

Other Changes

  • There is now a map in Ternathear's Lair
  • Detaching an exclusive item from mail while already having the same exclusive item in your inventory will no longer cause you to lose the item being detached.
  • Players running the New Player Experience will now receive 10 healing kits and 10 repair kits from chests rather than one one healing kit and one repair kit.
  • The plane of Fernia is now waning, and lava is going back to it's normal amount of damage.
  • Corrected a typo in Sigmund Bauerson's and Aurben's dialogue
  • Charlotte the Scarlet is no longer working in Three Barrel Cove.
  • Fixed a combat text error that had been appearing when monsters had resisted critical hits.
  • You will be notified when your soul stone is picked up by another player.
  • Lyvetenant Thifspar in the marketplace has learned to walk.

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