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Update 16 Patch 1 Hotfix Official

Release Notes: Update 16, Patch 1 Hotfix

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Friday, December 14th, 2012.


High Road of Shadows

  • Lost in the Swamp
    • Corrected an issue with root walls that could not be broken.

Astral Shards

  • Corrected a conversion error with Airship costs. The shard cost should now be equivalent of the old astral diamond costs.
  • Cleared up string table errors in several descriptions for Blessing of Onatar/Moradin.

DDO Store

  • The Stone of Experience provided in the Holiday Box can now be used.


  • Eveningstar now has festive weather. Let it snow, let it snow!


  • Brokers should now properly sell/buy things from players.
  • The auction house will once again let you specify level range of items.
  • Collectables bags can be moved around the screen again.


  • Fireshield will no longer snuff itself out.


  • Added more physics changes to block lingering situations where players and monsters could be thrown through walls/floors.
  • The /stuck command can now be used once per hour.
  • Refined the LFM panel to be less resource heavy.
  • The public grouping feature has been re-enabled.

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