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Module 3 Patch

DDO Release Notes: November 15th, 2006

Welcome to the Archival Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted November 15th, 2006.

News & Notes

Dragon Shard Gift

As a special thank you to our players for the patience and support you gave us during the network issues surrounding the launch of Module 3 everyone with an active subscription has been given a dragonshard. Each character created before November 2nd, 2006 now has a free level-appropriate dragonshard in their inventory that will permit them to swap out a previously chosen feat. As feats are an integral part of character development, dragonshards allow you to tune your character with a better understanding of the game and how those choices affected your character’s abilities. For more information on using dragonshards, please visit the DDO Forums or read the article on Dragonshards. Please note: 7-day trial account players are not eligible for free dragonshards.

Changes to the Death Penalty System

We have adjusted the curve that defines the death penalty. You should now see a much smoother progression, and there shouldn't be any radical jumps in the death penalty as you level. You will notice that the death penalty for levels 11 and 12 have dropped significantly. We have also adjusted/lowered the rate for multiple deaths. You will find lower death penalties across the board – releasing will no longer be devastating to your XP bar.


  • You can no longer delete mail that has an item or currency attached to it. If you try to delete a message with attached items you will receive a pop-up warning message and will have to detach your items before you can delete the message.
  • Opened messages will now be retained in your mailbox for 14 days instead of 3.
  • Admin mail that has an item or currency attached will never be automatically deleted.

Auction House

For this update we have done a complete restructure of the Auction House fees. Posting fees have been both reduced and simplified. Previously we used a fairly complicated formula to determine the posting fee for an item. We are now going to be using a percentage of the item's value which will increase based on the length of the auction. The new fees are as follows:

  • 8 hour auction = 0.5% of item value with a 5gp minimum
  • 24 hour auction = 1% of item value with a 10gp minimum
  • 48 hour auction = 1.5% of item value with a 15gp minimum
  • 72 hour auction = 2% of item value with a 20gp minimum

Buyout prices, if any, will not affect the posting fee, nor will your set minimum bid. The posting fee is based solely on the item's value. The posting fee will also be refunded for all successful auctions.

We are also adjusting the selling fees. The Auction Houses will now charge a blanket 30% of the sell price for all successful auctions. This percentage is the same regardless of the length of the auction.

In addition to the changes to the fee schedule, we are also making some improvements to the Auction UI to help ensure that both buyers and sellers have accurate, up-to-date information about the state of their auctions. You should also see fewer "maximum number of bids exceeded" error messages.


  • We have made some changes to improve server performance.
  • Loading times when zoning have been slightly decreased.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-attack was sometimes causing client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Marilith to fall off her platform in the circle of eternity.
  • Any player that was unable to select their reward for reaching 1750 total favor should now be able to talk to Nyx Durandimion again and receive their reward.
  • Players should now be able to properly return to mouselook mode after viewing the map UI.
  • Quest NPCs should function properly with the new interact keybindings.
  • The Obscurring Mist effect will now dissipate properly (in some cases it became a permanent effect until you logged out and back in again).
  • Any Divine Agility scrolls your characters had are now Flame Strike scrolls. The Divine Agility spell was removed from DDO but the scrolls were not. These new Flame Strike scrolls will not stack with regular Flame Strike scrolls so you should use them or sell them soon to help prevent confusion.
  • Auctioneers are now designated by a new overhead icon and have had the title "Auctioneer" appended to their name.
  • It is no longer possible to fall off of The Foothold Tavern Island in the Restless Isles.
  • All of Masei Mkembe's (Zawabi's Refuge) reward options are now working correctly. Previously if you choose high powered martial weapons, normal martial weapons, or normal ranged weapons he would take your tokens but wouldn't give you the desired reward. If you experienced this problem please contact a GM and they will be able to refund your tokens.

Known Issues

  • If you have a feat that you can acquire multiple times (Improved Damage Reduction, Toughness etc.) and you attempt to exchange a feat you have for another serving of the multiple feat, you will not be able to choose the multiple feat again. For example, if you have already taken Improved Damage Reduction and you attempt to exchange a feat for another helping of Improved Damage Reduction, Improved Damage Reduction will be listed in the list of valid feats to choose from, but it cannot be dragged into the choice box.
  • If you give Galrias the Smith (Relic of a Sovereign Past) enough adamantine ore to craft an item and your inventory is full, then you will not receive the item. It will not be in your overflow slots, it will just disappear. In addition, you will be unable to get any more items from Galrias because you cannot trade your old item for a new one. Therefore, please be sure that you have at least one empty inventory slot before talking to Galrias the Smith.
  • Auctions
    • Auctions that have ended normally (not cancelled or bought out) are not removed from your list of bids until you log out and back in again. Please note: you will be charged twice, so please DO NOT CLICK THE "BUYOUT" BUTTON TWICE.
    • If you are the high bidder on an auction and are then outbid, those bids remain in your list of bids until the auction end and you log out/in again.
    • If you click the "buyout" option in the Auction House more than once you will get multiple e-mails saying you have won an auction. Only the first e-mail will be a valid e-mail and only the first e-mail will have your item attached.
  • Warforged Titan
  • If you or a party member accidentally picks up a crystal from the crystal synthesizer while fighting the Ancient Warforged and then destroys it, the crystal synthesizer will not make a new crystal and the quest cannot be completed.
  • If you or a party member attempts to take a crystal from the crystal synthesizer with a full inventory, you will receive an error message that all inventory slots are full. The crystal does not go into the overflow slots, and is lost. In addition, the crystal synthesizer never spawns another crystal, so the quest cannot be completed.

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