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The DDO Winter Games!



Midwinter Festival

The village of Eveningstar has frozen over and the fun is just getting started! Head on over to the frozen river and use your free daily tokens to your hand at speed skating. 

While whirling through the course, catch as many snowflakes as you can! These snowflakes can be traded in for prizes such as wintery upgrades to armor and shields and a rare polar bear cub!  Be on the lookout for Midwinter Voles-hit them with an attack or spell and receive double snowflakes and Haste! Want to race more often? Extra tokens are available in the DDO Store!


The Risia Ice Games!

The Risia Ice Games are available to players of all levels! Test your skills on our series of slippery slopes, or just relax with friends as you glide across the ice. To get in on the action, visit the following regions:
The Harbor
An ice skating rink is available at the base of the Lighthouse!
The ice jump begins at the top of the Harbor cliff behind the Harbormaster’s House!
House Phiarlan
An icy half-pipe is available at the back of the Bogwater Tavern!
Collect the floating white, blue, and purple ice coins and trade them with the powerful wizard, Jack Frostbite, for wondrous icy gifts, crafting recipe cards, and frosty ingredients for the Risian Eldritch Device at the Lighthouse! Jack can be found at the Bogwater half-pipe or by the Lighthouse ice rink helping to keep the ice cold! If you find your winter sporting skills lacking, you can still earn ice coins by doing some good old fashion clobbering! Hunt down fire creatures in quests, adventure areas, and raids, who can also drop the ice coins!

Ice Skates and More!

Need more speed to reach the extra valuable ice coins? Tired of falling down and being laughed at by your friends in the rink? Ice skates are available for rent in exchange for ice tokens. The skates will prevent you from falling on the ice, and also give you some extra speed. Look for the rental NPC at the ice rink!
Also be sure to check the DDO Store for fun wintery items:



Ice Skates:

You'll need these skates to take full advantage of Stormreach's winter sports fun! Put these skates on to get big air off the ski jump in the Harbor and skate to your heart's content on House Phiarlan's half pipe. Also give a small bonus to the Jump skill.

Ski Lift Hot Cocoa:
Tired of walking back to the top of the ski jump? This hot cocoa will bring you there instantly from any public area! Less time running, more time ski jumping. 10 & 50-Stacks available!
Eating these berries gives you an amazing boost of forward momentum even if you are standing still. Using them is like having the abundant step Monk ability and is incredibly useful when doing the ski jump in the Risian Games. Single and 10-Stacks available.
Chocolate Covered Humbug:
This holiday 'treat' gives you a stoic heart in the face of excessive holiday cheer and also protects you from Otto's dancing ' spells as well as command and hold spells for 10 minutes. This effect is Lasting and lasts through death and rests and cannot be dispelled. 1 use.
Figgy Pudding Spirit Cake:
Casts a True Resurrection spell on yourself (even when dead) or another character, returning the target to life wherever accepted with full hit points. Also bestows 405 to 600 spell points and grants +2 stacking bonuses to all stats (ability scores) for 10 minutes. Note: Not usable in raids or public areas. 1 use.

White Abishai Cookie: 

The rarest cookie in the Abishai set, casts a fireshield spell!

Candy Cane:
A thin cane-shaped baton fashioned from magical mint candy. This cane can heal the wielder 5-19 hit points each charge. Contains 30 charges. Slower to cast than a standard wand. Like a wand, this cane disappears after all charges are used.


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