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Update 34 Named Loot Information

Update 34: Death or Glory Named Loot Information

Update 34 features a new, free quest called The Tower of Frost, which can be found in the Marketplace! This quest is base level 14 on Heroic difficulty, and base level 28 on Epic difficulty. Here are the named items that can be found within:

Bottled Winter

This item is a thrown potion that hits its target, freezing it and nearby enemies who fail a Fortitude Saving Throw. Lasts for up to 15 seconds with a resave roll every 3 seconds. 

Returning Snowball


Utilitarian Necklace


Whirling Words

Yes, this does shoot books!


Reaper Rewards

Running quests on Reaper Difficulty will earn you Reaper XP, which will unlock items available through vendors in the Hall of Heroes! These items include cosmetic wings and eyes, along with Reaperling Creature Companions!

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