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Update 46 Patch 2 Release Notes

Update 46 Patch 2 Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 46 Patch 2, released on Wednesday, June 3rd. 


News and Notes:



  • Alchemist spellbooks are now retained on Lesser Reincarnation, just like their Wizard and Artificer counterparts.
  • The Insightful bonus to Tactical DC's granted by Divine Might are now correctly typed as Insightful. 
  • Warlock
    • Three new Warlock Pacts are now available, in addition to the existing Pacts of Fiend, Great Old One, and Fey. The Pacts are as follows:
      • Carceri Storm
        • Your Patron is a demonic entity form the realm of Carceri, otherwise known as Tartarus. The bitter cold and freezing winds will chill you to your bones, but if you can master the power granted to you, great things will surely come your way:
        • Base Information:
          • Pact Dice Element: Cold
          • Pact Save Bonus: Reflex
          • Alignment Restriction: None
        • Bonus Spells
          • 1st Level: Merfolk's Blesing
          • 2nd Level: Gust of Wind
          • 3rd Level: Creeping Cold
          • 4th Level: Ice Storm
          • 5th Level: Niac's Biting Cold
          • 6th Level: Greater Creeping Cold
        • Special Abilities
          • Warlock Level 6: Frozen Footsteps: +10% Cold Absorption
          • Warlock Level 15: Absolute Zero: Attempt to lock a single enemy in ice permanently. Enemies must succeed on a Will saving throw vs DC (15+Warlock Level+Charisma Modifier) or be forever trapped in solid ice. Enemies made of fire will instead be destroyed with no saving throw. Does not affect bosses.
      • Celestial Pact
        • Your Patron is a divine Celestial, patron of those who wish to devote themselves to an unconventional method of worship. You will learn to channel the light and air around you into a righteous weapon, and utilize holy abilities to help your friends and pass judgement upon your enemies.
          • Base Information
            • Pact Dice Element: Electric
            • Pact Save Bonus: Will
            • Alignment Restriction: You must be Good to take this Pact.
          • Bonus Spells
            • 1st Level: Bless
            • 2nd Level: Soundburst
            • 3rd Level: Magic Circle Against Evil
            • 4th Level: Prayer
            • 5th Level: Holy Aura
            • 6th Level: Freedom of Movement
          • Special Abilities
            • Warlock Level 6: Celestial Attunement: +5 Physical Resistance Rating and +1 to all Saving Throws
            • Warlock Level 15: Ameliorate: Attempt to obliterate an Undead, or severely weaken any non-Undead foe. Undead must succeed on a Will saving throw vs DC (15+Warlock Level+Charisma Modifier) or be destroyed. Undead who fail this saving throw, or enemies who are not undead, are instead terrorized and have their Physical and Magical Resistance Rating reduced by 10 for 15 seconds. 
        • The Abyss
          • Your Patron is of the Abyss, a pit of darkness beyond comprehension, a desire and a hunger beyond meaning itself. Tread carefully.
          • Base Information
            • Pact Dice Element: Negative
            • Pact Save Bonus: Fortitude
            • Alignment Restriction: You must not be Good to take this Pact.
          • Bonus Spells
            • 1st Level: Mage Armor
            • 2nd Level: Spawn Screen
            • 3rd Level: Halt Undead
            • 4th Level: Death Aura
            • 5th Level: Symbol of Pain
            • 6th Level: Rend the Soul
          • Special Abilities
            • Warlock Level 6: Unhallowed Flesh: +5 Physical Resistance Rating and +5 Magical Resistance Rating
            • Warlock Level 15: Channel the Abyss: Shroud yourself in the Abyss, which will grant you unholy power at a cost. You gain +2 Charisma, +10 Negative Healing Amplification, and +10 Negative Spell Power. You have +100% critical hit resistance, are healed by Negative Energy, take 50% healing from Positive Energy, and take double damage from Light. You are considered Undead rather than your original type for the purposes of most effects. 
    • Hurl Through Hell and Create Thrall have had their base DC changed from 10 to 15.


  • Nature's Protector's Killer Instinct visual marks are no longer obscured by the body of the bear. 
  • Deepwood Stalker's Heavy Draw no longer erroneously applies an old penalty.
  • Kensai's Keen Edge now works with handwraps.
  • The level 6 and level 12 core abilities from all four Sorcerer Elemental Savant trees no longer grant +1 Maximum Caster Level with the chosen element.
  • Nature's Warrior's Ghost Wolf Pack now costs its correct SP cost of 15
  • Enlightened Spirit's Celestial Spirit is now: Major Form Toggle: When enabled, you float above the ground, gain Feather Falling, are immune to most knockdown effects, and your Eldritch Blasts gain 3d6 Light damage. Passive: Your Eldritch Aura now affects enemies every 2 seconds.
  • Enlightened Spirit's Ultimate Enlightenment is now: +2 CON, +2 CHA, +20% Competence bonus to Maximum HP, +10 Universal Spellpower, +20 Light Spellpower. While your Eldritch Aura is enabled, you gain full Base Attack Bonus, +10 Melee Power, and +10 Ranged Power.
  • Pale Master:
    • Shroud of the Zombie has been changed to: Shroud Toggle: You shroud yourself with Negative Energy and assume many of the traits of a Zombie. While in this form, you hunger for brains and gain +4 Constitution, +10 Melee Power, 3 Physical and Magical Resistance Rating, and attack 10% slower. You have +100% critical hit resistance, are healed by Negative Energy, take 50% healing from Positive Energy, and take double damage from Light. You are considered Undead rather than your original type for the purposes of most effects.
    • Ascendant Shroud has been changed to: While in Shroud of the Zombie, you gain an additional; +30 Melee Power and +10 Physical Resistance Rating, and your attacks deal +10% more damage. You also benefit from a 10% Profane Bonus to Maximum Hit Points. 

Epic Destinies

  • Divine Crusader's Confront Any Foe now properly enforces its two-second cooldown.
  • Just Cause more reliably applies its full BaB bonus.
  • Fury of the Wild once again applies its bonus caster levels.


  • House Phiarlan Favor buff spells can now be taken in a single purchase. All the Resist Energy spells can also be purchased together. 


  • Slicing Blow has been changed to: Tactical Melee Attack: Using this attack, you deal one point of Constitution damage to your target, and deal 1 to 6 additional damage every 2 seconds for 18 seconds. The target suffers an additional 1 to 6 damage per tick for every three Character Levels. This damage scales with 100% Melee Power, and can stack up to three times. Some creatures may be immune to the bleeding or wounding effect.


  • The random loot system in the game has been improved. Included in this work is the following:
    • Common Enchantments: Several new and returning single enchantments are now random loot options, and several less-usable or bugged options (such as Damaging Guards) have been removed from the drop tables.
    • Rare Special Prefixes:
      • Ninety new and returning special enchantments are now included in random loot from levels 5 and above. These special enchantments contain a third (or fourth, if the item is above level 10) enchantment, bringing the maximum number of enchantments of a random loot item to four. 
      • These special prefixes will display a teal border on the item to help visually contrast them with other random loot. Teal borders are now reserved for items with a rare special Prefix enchantment, and, as a result, items that have rolled higher in item quality, such as Masterful Craftsmanship, no longer display a teal border. 
    • Casting Quarterstaffs:
      • Caster Quarterstaves have their own set of random loot adjustments and special enchantments, aiming to make their use for spellcasters more attractive. The maximum number of enchantments on a caster quarterstaff is now six, up from three. 
    • Minimum Level of Loot:
      • When chests are opened in content or completed quests, the level of random loot rolled will now much more closely match the instance level of the content completed. For example, if you are in a level 3 dungeon on Elite, you will get up to level 5 loot and no higher. 
      • Items and effects that previously increased the minimum level of random loot, such as the Greater Dragonmark of Finding, now increase the quality of that random loot instead. 
      • Jewels of Fortune are no longer available in-game and in the DDO Store, and in their place you will find Treasure Hunter's Elixirs of the same magnitude. 
      • Currently-consumed Jewels of Fortune will provide the same effect as an equivalent rarity of Treasure Hunter's Elixir until they expire, and unused Jewels of Fortune no longer apply their buff.
      • Unused Jewels of Fortune can be traded in for two of the same magnitude Treasure Hunter's Elixirs in the House Cannith Crafting Hall, in the same place you can trade in spare Tomes for Dragonshard Fragments. Check the tooltip of your unused Jewels of Fortune for more information.
    • Augment Slots:
      • Items found in random loot now have a small chance to drop with a second Augment Slot. 
    • Material Types:
      • Armor and shields can once again drop with alternate material types (Adamantine, Flametouched Iron, and Mithril) as well as a new Silver armor/shield material type, which grants a saving throw bonus against the Undead. Armors and shields with alternate material types will retain these types when keyed for Cannith Crafting, just as weapons do. 
      • Normally-metal weapons can also drop with the material type Blueshine, which prevents durability damage. This material type will be retained when keyed for Cannith Crafting. As it now behaves like a normal material type, Everbright/Blueshine is no longer an option for Cannith Crafting.
      • Certain weapons in random loot, including quarterstaves, crossbows, clubs, and greatclubs, can now drop with nonstandard material types such as Adamantine or Silver.
  • Fixed an issue where Glass Shards item effects would not do damage because the attack was reapplying it too quickly. This effect can now only apply once every three seconds, allowing the damage over time to tick before a new stack applies. The damage of this effect has been increased from 2d10 to 5d10, and its stack size has been decreased from 100 to 15. Each player can now have their own copy of the damage over time effect on the target. 
  • The Heroic Coat of the Traveler has had its Armor Class reduced to more appropraitely match other armors of its minimum level.
  • Diamonds of Festive Wisdom and Intelligence no longer incorrectly spell Diamond when in stacks larger than one.
  • The Sapphire of Crushing Wave Guard and Globe of Imperial Blood now enforce their proper minimum levels. 
  • Spiral, the Voice of the Elements now randomly selects its starting element, and equipping and unequipping it will restart the cycle by clearing any active Spiral buffs off of you. It also no longer spams your combat log or uses floaty text when its buffs are applied, and is much less likely to cause lag when equipped.
  • Reflection of Wave's Improved Water Elemental Form now grants 5% Exceptional Cold Spell Crit Damage instead of 20% Exceptional Cold Spell Crit Chance.
  • Items that provide a scaling bonus to Speed and Striding now begin at 15% movement speed rather than 5%, and gradually increase to a maximum of 30%.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Korthos landscape has had some cosmetic improvements.
  • The Searing Heights landscape has had some cosmetic improvements
  • Slime in The Sacred Bounty now spit acid occasionally.
  • Fixed an issue in Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords where clicking on the exit door would send you to the exit location for Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • Multiple performance issues have been corrected in Soul Survivor, and the quest has once again reopened.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the named item reward chest to not spawn in The Patriarch's Crypt.
  • The Gatekeeper's Grove now has a General Vendor.
  • The map in the Gatekeeper's Grove is now longer with its correct border.
  • Auburn the Argonnessen now says his action dialog at the correct time.
  • Doors that are breakable with melee strikes can now be broken with ranged attacks.


  • Panacea and Panacea Poultice now once again heal hit point damage.
  • Spells that are considered Temporary Item Enchantments, such as Deadly Weapons, no longer override temporary buffs such as Blessed Blades and One Cut. You can still only have one Temporary Item Enchantment at a time.
  • Holy Aura is now: Allies and yourself gain +4 Sacred bonus to AC, Saves, immunity to charms/mental compulsions for 1 minute per caster level. Nearby enemies must make a fortitude save or be blinded.



  • Reaper tree optimizations have been done to make weapon swapping and other certain actions more efficient. 
  • Text that still pointed players to the Hall of Heroes to find Gatekeeper NPCs have been updated to guide players to their correct location.
  • Some NPCs in the Marketplace that used to jostle players are now ethereal. 
  • Numerous typo fixes have taken place in quests and some items.

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